Water Resources
TEC's advanced numerical modeling capabilities keep us at the forefront of hydrologic, hydraulic, and/or hydrogeologic simulation, evaluation, and prediction. Extensive involvement in water resources services makes us aware that clients often need interdisciplinary capabilities. TEC's team of professionals includes specialists in planning, engineering, science, resource and environmental development and management. TEC is proud of its comprehensive and in-depth expertise to provide reliable, consistent, efficient and effective services to its clients.  Providing top notch services in hydrologic, hydraulic and hydrogeologic simulation, evaluation and prediction
  • Irrigation and drainage 
  • River basin planning
  • Basin analysis
  • Region analysis
  • Flood control and management
  • Groundwater and surface water resource assessment and management
  • Management model development
  • Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water
  • Development, evaluation and optimization of water resources mgt. alternatives
  • Recharge estimates
  • Crop consumptive use analysis
  • Municipal consumptive use analysis
  • GPS 
  • Satellite imagery/GIS

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