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TEC 1, Inc. Office located in Reno, Nevada

Principal / President / CEO
Principal / Executive Vice President of Land Developement
Principal / Executive Vice President of Water Resources

Keeping Projects on Schedule and Within Budget

TEC provides quality assurance / quality control reviews for all deliverables for our clients’ projects.  The majority of our clients are repeat customers — a clear testament to our firm’s ability to complete projects to the clients’ utmost satisfaction.  The first task of any of our projects is to develop a work plan outlining the sequence of events according to a critical path schedule. Then we will outline milestone completion dates, order and number of tasks and number of work hours and days needed to complete each task.  Task leaders then assess task status on a weekly basis, which allows us to adjust activities while still maintaining an on-track schedule. The critical path schedule is evaluated and revised monthly, if necessary.
TEC has established a track record for keeping projects on time and within budget.  One of the ways in which we keep projects on track is through effective communication with the client throughout the course of the project. TEC will develop a communication system that keeps everyone informed every step of the way without overburdening team members or the client’s project manager and staff with irrelevant and unnecessary paperwork. Our project manager will facilitate communications between our clients and TEC’s team, allowing your projects to meet both the determined schedule and budget.



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